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Garden Water Feature – The Fish Dish

Want to be the envy of all the neighbours in the avenue then a water feature has to be placed into the garden. What ever fancy garden ornamentation that is to be – is entirely up to your own choosing. Because of the many designs and fixtures you may come up against problems in trying to decide what water garden feature to have.

The pond is a water feature found in most gardens today in all shapes and sizes and enhanced to the full with added extras to set the scene. Water lilies – bull rushes and reeds are just a few to mention. But it is the under water life that makes the pond more attractive (fish)
Remember when adding a water feature to the garden – take extra precautions in the safety measures where children are concerned.

Water garden features like the pond and the fish also need care and attention. Ponds have to be cleaned regular and fish need to be fed. Questions that crop up from many water garden owners is how to feed the fish – what type of feed should be used – how much and how often. Well the answer to that is there is no real fixed amount of fish food to give.

Of course there are some important issues on what to feed the fish. You have to take into account the fish`s size its appetite and their delicate digestive system which can differ due to water temperature changes.

Beginning from early spring to late autumn you will find the fish very energetic so it will do no harm to feed them every day. If the fish are prepared to take more then so be it. Remember you are not force feeding them so if the fish don`t want to bite then they wont. However, towards the colder months lessen the frequency of feed intake. Sometimes due to the fishs stillness at winter time then no feed is necessary

Try not to instigate problems for your fish`s well being by denying them the right food.

While the fish are in the mood to dine it is best to serve up a dish that will help them to stay active and healthy. Nourishing fish food is highly recommended. Bread/biscuit meal and ants eggs are less nutritional and can cause problems to the digestive system. Floating pellets filled with high-protein are very nutritious. By feeding the fish this way you get to see more of them as they surface for feeding.

Once the garden is the way you have always dreamed of full of foliage -shrubs and sweet scented flowers and of course your water garden feature – then remember that all the surrounding plant growth will attract insects so feeding the fish at this time is not necessary. Natural food supply should start to continue again with pellets in the autumn, this will help perk the fish up in their preparation to face the winter. Repeat pellet feeding in spring it will help the fish recover more rapidly ready for breeding.

Water features and creatures go hand in hand in adding beauty to the garden. Expect toads – newts and frogs to hang out in the pond area. Your water garden has not only given you a garden ornament that the neighbours would die for – it is the thought of giving a home to natures aquatic water life.

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