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Steinmantel Arbeitsplatte Epoxy. Ich mag diese auch. Aber ich möchte immer noch ein paar rote Flecken.

Flowers Online – Be Safe With Payments

The Internet has made the world into a global community. No longer is there a need to expend even the price of a phone call to send flowers across town, across the country or to the other side of the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a way to make payments. The result is that you can send flowers to anyone in a matter of minutes.

But is it safe to use online florists to send flowers? The biggest issue is security of your online payment, and there are some things you can do to be sure that’s done as safely as possible.

Start by looking for a reputable florist. The names really aren’t going to give you much help here because you’ll find international flower conglomerates with names like “Flowers Are Us” and with contact information like “1-800-Flower.” There are some names you’ll recognize and those are going to be your best options. A company doing two-bit scams isn’t likely to spend thousands of dollars advertising on television and online.

Instead, look at services offered by these companies to help you decide. Extremely limited delivery services and times may be a tip that this is something less than a reputable florist, as are too-good-to-be-true promises like “we deliver in an hour or less.”

The actual delivery may be something to consider. If you’re delivering to an office or some public place, you probably have nothing to worry about. But don’t overlook the fact that you have no idea who will be delivering the flowers you send. If you’re sending flowers to someone’s home, it’s vital that you use a well-known florist who has been more likely to screen their delivery people. A florist who is working out of the basement of his or her apartment building may very well be hiring the wino around the corner to deliver orders!

Take a minute to look for a privacy policy. There should be one posted on the website. If not, beware! This is another reason for choosing well-known companies – they’re more likely to take privacy seriously and to be careful of sharing your information or allowing breaches to their security.

One of the biggest advantages of ordering flowers from an online company is that you have the ability to look for the bargains. But finding an online florist with ridiculously low prices may not be in your best interests. Are you trying to impress someone? Sending wilted carnations probably isn’t going to scream, “I like you.” Some online florists will count on the fact that you aren’t going to see the flowers you send, and that the recipient isn’t going to tell you that the flowers were second-rate.

Choosing an online florist may take more time than actually placing the order. But keeping your personal information safe while you make that good impression is important.

Copyright 2005 by D. L. Randolph. All rights reserved.

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